The – I Got A Man

5,6,7,8's Group

5,6,7,8’s Group

“There ain’t enough hours in a day……for me to love him in the proper way.”

Finding new versions of Denny’s songs is great fun and a really enjoyable aspect of the internet and this website.

Last year we found two versions of a song that I have always loved – “I Got A Man”, of which Denny had not been aware.

The song was originally written for The Toys album. It turns out shortly after, The Crystals (a former Phil Spector group best know for “He’s A Rebel”) cut a great version !

But the absolute jam is the cover by The! Quentin Tarantino discovered the group while he was in Japan. He was walking by a clothing store and heard this cool Japanese rockabilly girls group over the sound system. He convinced the store manager to sell him their CD and the group hit the lottery, appearing in his Kill Bill movie and launching their version of “Woo Hoo” into ubiquity.

They had apparently already recorded “I Got A Man” right before the movie. The song was released in 2002 on their Teenage Mojo Workout album.

Love, love, love it!