UFOs, We’re Finally Starting To Take Them Seriously

I’ve never doubted the existence of life forms that are not from this planet and are alien to life as we know it.

I’ve never doubted the existence of life forms that are from this planet and are alien to life as we know it.

And I have never doubted the existence of life forms that are either from this planet or alien to it that are conscious and aware but would not fit into any definition of life, even as we don’t know it.

So I’m glad to see that some humans in influential positions are finally starting to urge or even “preach” the acceptance of UFOs.

It is a basic and obvious concept that in our vast, complex and intense universe “We Are Definitely Not Alone”. And for us to think otherwise coming from our limited view and feel of creation makes the word shallow seem infinitely deep.

I promise you there are life forms – no, more broadly, let’s call them intelligent forms – right here on our own planet that are alien to anything we know. Some may appear human (or as other Earthly forms) and some are not even visible or don’t seem visible to us actual humans and may not appear at all. But whether from other planets, other dimensions, other spiritual levels or are other creations of the universe we can’t yet even conceive, these alien forms are present and taking the ride.

So when articles have recently appeared reporting that various sources, from some lower level politicians to the British government (UL National Archives website: ufos/national archives.gov.uk) to, Yes!, – even the Pope’s astronomer, have urged us to open our earthly minds to the concept of other worldly neighbors, then I say – (1) good! (2) wise!, and (3) Welcome!!

In fact, the Papal astronomer’s words on this are particularly worthy of applause: The existence of alien beings would not create a problem for believers “because one cannot put limits on the creative freedom of God”. Note: The biggest surprise is not anything connected with UFOs, but that there is a Papal Astronomer.

Now, let’s be careful. This doesn’t mean that all alien forms are our friends. The Universe works on the principal that things eat other things to survive. And one thing we also know just from observing the action in our little cosmic neighborhood, life forms seek power over other life forms in order to control the realm.

Bottom line? Certainly some of our alien neighbors (as are some from our own world we don’t see) are being helpful and supportive – more than we can imagine. But as one who’s always known that UFO’s and the aliens that control them are for real – here’s my advice: Knowledge is protection. Believe it and be open. But Always Be On Guard.