In the movie “An American Werewolf In London”, only songs with the word “Moon” in the title were used in the soundtrack, such as “Blue Moon” (by The Marcells and by Bobby Vinton) and Van Morrison’s “Moon Dance”.

However, when that picture’s soundtrack album was being planned, its creators felt that some additional songs “inspired by the movie” would help broaden its musical content and appeal.

So Denny was asked to write four new songs, to be included on the album. Denny’s collaborator on the project, Maury Yeston, was signed with Denny’s company at the time and was invited by Denny to collaborate.

The result was the creation of four songs, which the writers based on the werewolf theme. They are “Werewolf (Loose In London)”, Werewolf Serenade, (You Have To) Hurt Me and No More Mr. Nice Guy.

The record was produced by Denny Randell Company’s affiliated artist/producer Meco. Executive producers: Martin Bandier and Charles Koppelman.

The resultant Polygram Records album “An American Werewolf in London” rode the Billboard charts in 1982.

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