Bourbon DTLA does “The Mouse”

It was a fun July evening attending the opening of Bourbon DTLA with a menu created by Presidential Chef Kurt Ehrlich.  The restaurant is located in the LA Arts District where warehouses and ex-factories are turning into lofts, galleries and cool new restaurants.

Denny Randell and Biddy Schippers with Chef Kurt Ehrlich at Bourbon DTLA opening

Denny Randell and Biddy Schippers with Chef Ehrlich at Bourbon DTLA

We had the pleasure of meeting and sharing a table with Chuck McCann – actor, TV host and man of 1,00 voices.  In the process of exchanging some “Native New Yorker” entertainment stories, Denny and Chuck discovered a mutual connection with the infamous Soupy Sales ‘green pieces of paper’ scandal. (On January 1, 1965 Soupy Sales had a few minutes to kill at the end of his show and ad-libbed that the kids should sneak into their parents’ wallets, remove the little green pieces of paper and send them to him.)

Denny Randell, Biddy Schippers and Chuck McCann at Bourbon DTLA

Denny Randell, Biddy Schippers and Chuck McCann at Bourbon DTLA

Chuck shared how when Soupy was fired, the WNEW-TV program manager told Chuck, whose show came on right before Soupy’s, that he had to go on the air and apologize for Soupy, now suspended, because it was in his contract. Chuck gave the apology but did his own lib at the end, saying that ‘Soupy did make a big mistake…because he forgot to give you the address!’

Denny was a writer of Soupy’s hit song “The Mouse” (and other songs on his Soupy Sez album) which was released soon after Soupy was put back on the air after a week’s suspension.  The record sold 250,000 records in NYC alone, went on to become a national hit and has been credited with helping to make up for the gaffe!

Entertainment Weekly - The Mouse