I’m Very Happy That Stephen Hawking Agrees With Me That Sending Out Messages To Aliens Is A No No

I’m very happy that Stephen Hawking agrees with me (as Biddy has heard me say many times over the years) that we should stop trying to talk to aliens (as was reported in the April 25, 2010 ‘Times On Line’ article)

The scientists who are sending signals out into the Universe trying to attract the attention of alien life forms are (my words) doing the most ill conceived and irresponsible thing they could possibly do, and they do it without any concern for the consequences it could have on all the rest of us living on this tiny rock we call home in a Universe vast and limitless beyond comprehension.

The fact that many of these scientists are doing it with our tax dollars is such a small problem compared to the fact that they’re doing it at all that the money issue is merely a little more than insulting compared to the bigger issues brought about by their actions.

I do say the following in my article called “UFOs – “We’re Finally Starting To Take Them Seriously” (6/3/08): Now, let’s be careful. – – – The Universe works on the principle that things eat other things to survive. And one thing we also know just from observing the action in our little cosmic neighborhood, life forms seek power over other life forms in order to control the realm”.

But I say right now very clearly that letting aliens know we’re here is extremely dangerous and hence, not OK.

The fact that Stephen Hawking is on board with my warning is appreciated because now that there’s at least 2 of us maybe we can get the attention needed to make them stop. To that end I can use all the help I can get.

At a time when it’s difficult to get a large enough part of the population organized and active enough to cause any changes to anything, it is of basic importance to protecting the Human race on this planet as well as the planet itself that we all get together and demand that all activities directed toward attracting aliens stop at once. So in this regard, I say “Thank you Stephen Hawking”.