Seeing Jersey Boys on Broadway – Again

Denny Randell w/ Jersey Boys Broadway Cast members Drew Gehling, Andy Karl, Matt Bogart, Peter Gregus

Denny Randell w/ Jersey Boys Broadway Cast members Drew Gehling, Andy Karl, Matt Bogart, Peter Gregus

On Friday night June 21 (2013) during our recent trip to New York City, Biddy and I saw Jersey Boys on Broadway at the August Wilson Theatre and after the show met with the fabulous cast members back stage.

Of course, this is far from the first time we’ve seen it, having attended before on Broadway when it first opened, in Las Vegas as well and then the touring company when they performed in LA. All shows were and are totally terrific! And this incredible hit, now in its 8th year, goes on forever because it’s truly one of the greatest.

I know one could say that I’m partial because three of my songs are featured in it, but it’s really true. The show, the story and the music of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons is fabulous and special and has been touted by so many, including the media. So it’s not just me doing a promo piece.

Everyone I know who’s seen it feels the same, most having gone more than once and many multiple times. And this time around, we got a special treat as John Lloyd Young, the original Tony award winning singer/actor who played Frankie Valli, is currently back in the show reprising his performance and, having seen him in the show years ago, and others who all do a great job in the role, I can truly say, John’s current performance is unbeatable.

As Bob Crewe and I said when the show first opened, and I mention on my website, you can never explain what it feels like to see part of your life coming back to you from the stage.

We also had a chance to meet with the great folks at Dodger Attractions, the show’s Production Co, who also arranged the back stage meet with the wonderful cast members. After saying hello to everyone back stage we went back on the stage with the amazing guys who play three of the original Four Seasons members and Bob Crewe; Drew Gehling who plays Bob Gaudio, Andy Karl who plays Tommy DeVito, Matt Bogart who plays Nick Massi and Peter Gregus who plays Bob Crewe.

We had a lot of fun talking about the Seasons and those exciting days as they are totally involved in being the Seasons and Crewe on stage. We talked about the songs and records we did together and those incredible times.

Biddy and I then went right across 53rd to Gallagher’s and met up with John Lloyd Young and his manager Dona Miller. It’s been a while and it was great to see them, hang out a little and catch up on things. We’ll look forward to seeing them when they’re back CA.

It was a great trip and it’s always the greatest being with those Jersey Boys again.