The Incredible Look Of The 9000 Acre Idylllwild Fire As Seen From Palm Springs

Idyllwild, CA Fire seen from Palm Springs
As we know, the Universe, whether in its creative or destructive phase, is incredible to experience. The terrible fire burning this date at the top of the heavenly mountain in the Idyllwild CA area is a severe heartbreak for those who’ve lost their homes and a nightmare for those it threatens.

The incredible look of it as seen from our Palm Springs house was so amazing Biddy and I had to stop the car and take a picture before moving on.

That mountain is amazing as seen from the valley floor in all cases, and yet this scene is like nothing we’d ever witnessed here before.

While we are moved to share this picture, a frame from our Universe, our hearts go out to those who have suffered from this fire and our best hopes and wishes for them and those now threatened.

As powerful as humans prefer to see themselves, the power of the Universe, good and bad, always reminds us otherwise.

Whether in the best or the worst of the dream, love and humility is the only path.